URL - Shortening Service

This service provides you with a shortening sevice for your own domain. Please read the notes before you are using this service.

If you are interested in the code of this project you can visit my GitHub

Currently this service redirects 0 URLs.

Enter the url you want to create a shorter URL from into the input field and click 'create'


This page provides users with a URL shortening service. This service can be used freely but under certain rules:
  • You can use this service only once for every domain.
  • The provided URL is valid for 4 days and will not be available after this time.
  • Be aware that this service must not be used for pages of any sexual, political, malicious or criminal nature.
  • Pages of any above nature will be removed
  • You cannot use this service to redirect to another page that also redirects the user. This will ensure that this service is not a node of a redirection path.